Easy It Up.

It’s okay to struggle at anything, but if there is a chance to easy up the struggle? You got to jump on the easy train. It saves you time and resources.

no sweat no gain

   not if you can gain minus the sweat…

Well, this products make my days easier. Note that these products are just my preference and you can always buy your most convenient brand of similar products.

Tip. Try out different products till you find what suits you best.

Lets get down to it, shall we?

1. Moisturizer.

Do you love make up? Well, your face is delicate and a moisturizer before you apply all the layers of make up on your face is vital. Moisturizers prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections.

Moisturizers are specially designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable. They increase the skin’s hydration by reducing evaporation.

Note though

Apply it on your neck too. You need your face resembling your neck.

Always let it absorb into your skin before make up application.

Don’t be vigorous when applying and don’t apply too much either.




2. Conditioner.

It’s a pity I don’t know my hair type (can someone let me know how you test it?). Anyway, I really can’t comb my hair without applying in some conditioner. Technically I could, but I would rather not. Why? Because I would lose too much hair since I would strain it a little too much. I’m a lover of ‘wash n go’ styles and the conditioner is a perfect helper. How? It helps detangle knots and in the process it softens my hair. The best part is, it seals in moisture.




  1. Lip balm.

I love to feel my lips soft. I have really bad days when I literally can’t find my lip balms. Yea, I buy at least two because more often than not, I misplace or maybe lose them in-between handbag changes. I totally hate when my lip breaks, it looks ugly and hurts. Worse off you can’t put on lipstick otherwise it will look horrible. So I’m constantly applying some lip balm on my lip to keep it soft. In case of breakage, apply the lip balm overnight, it will rejuvenate your lip.




  1. Old mascara brush and eye pencil.

Sometime last year, I kinda got obsessed with well-shaped brows but I didn’t have brush for my brows. I looked around and noticed this old mascara just lying around. And that’s how I landed myself a brush for my brows. Creativity at its best hahaha. I use the old mascara to brush and shape my eyebrows. I love when my eyebrows are sleek. I just can’t help it.

The eye pencil is the best piece of my makeup. I use it to fill in my brows and I’m good to go. Honestly, with sleek brows I find my face perfect without any other sort of makeup.





  1. Body splash.

I love to smell good but… sprays give me unbearable headache. So I sort a solution. And the solution to this debacle is to use body splash instead. I find it milder and comfortable both for me and people around me.

A body splash is very similar to a body spray, but spray/perfumes often have a strong scent while body splash is designed to give off a low level fragrance throughout the day.

Just a by the way, I was actually selling body splash while at the University haha a girl gotta hustle.




  1. Rubber bands.

I am a lover of updo hairstyles and well, the rubber bands come in handy. They make a perfect hold since they easily stretch. If you love to try out different styles with your hair, rubber bands can greatly help achieve whatever look you want since they are quite thin hence almost invisible. Did I mention that they are so cheap?

Well, I just found out from YouTube videos that you can actually make cornrows with rubber bands! I know I know… it’s really interesting, “ain’t trying to learn to plait neat cornrows no more”



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Thanks guys for reading, comments and likes are always a pleasure. Do let me know what makes your days easier.

Do have an easy day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Damola A says:

    Moisturizer is definitely a major keyy!!! And lip balm..nobody is out here looking to have chapped lips


    1. Murega says:

      Yes I agree. Thanks for stopping by Damola

      Liked by 1 person

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