You were wrong


You claimed to speak fluent Glow
Knowing my every move before I stretched my hand over the chess board
But of course, the poker master always knowing the cards am holding
Funny you were wrong

You claim to know my exact response for every question
You would loudly claim, OMG the parades
“She can’t say that” “She can never do that” “She can’t go there”
Funny you were wrong

“She can’t allow that, no way on this planet” you would swear
“She can’t eat that” “she can’t drink that”  “she can’t do that”
Being my karate master you taught me all the moves
Funny you were wrong

And to your friends you bragged
I know A-Z Glow inside-out
Super easy and predictable I know I know
Funny you were wrong

An open book you made me
Sorry you bought the incomplete version
The author, Glow, meant it to be a novel series
Funny you were wrong

You were ever wrong 👎🏾
You made all the wrong moves
Sad really, the parades and the fluency in Glow
Funny you were wrong
You never understood me,
You never took time to know my right and wrong
Know my frowns and smiles nor their triggers
Funny you were wrong

You were wrong in your assumptions
Am not like every other girl
I like, love 💘 and treasure extremely different things
Funny you were wrong

Checkmate 👌🏾



Am just trying this guys, the poems 🤣.
Sorry for the lack of expertise on the topic.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. you were right about writing this… love it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Murega says:

    Absolutely right, thank you so much


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