Lets catch up guys :)


Hello guys?

Are you well? I do hope so

Been okay too.


Lemmi catch you up on how I have been fairing since my last post. You can’t imagine how quickly you can get occupied and lost in yourself… since the exams last semester I have barely gotten time to dust out these walls. The holiday in between semesters was here, and I expected to get time to sit on my laptop and let my mind run wild despite the commitments of the short holiday already lined up.

Starts with this bureaucratic University 😣 (Oh My God super glad am in my last semester) haha a friend jokes that we should give our all in this semester since you will never sit in a undergraduate class again, what a rare opportunity, ironically!!!! Anyway we are done with exams and the school through a memo, directs that we have to clear out of the hostels. Really guys 🤐? We will be back for the second semester soon and we are expected to retain the rooms we already in. So my friends leave me behind as I try to clear before I leave for the holiday. I manage to clear from the hostels by end of day and set to travel the next day. It’s a weekend and Pst. Awour (this guy though😶 …) has a crusade in Nakuru, a town in between the capital, Nairobi, and Eldoret where I study. To access public transportation is hectic because of this crusade.

If I need to get to Nairobi I have either to wake up really early or wait for the weekend to be over (so is the crusade) then leave for home. I settle on the latter since my brother’s wedding is the next weekend, and am yet to fit my wedding dress, buy shoes, jewelry ooh and make my hair. Being my big brother’s wedding, well, I better be perfect. It’s a long drive to the capital (6 hours), I always try to sleep through it unless my travel buddy is beside me then the journey is fun and super short (in between the talks and laughter you barely notice time flying). I arrive safe and sound and of course I have to use my best means of transportation in the city, rift valley railway services. The commuter service serves Nairobi, Makadara, Imara Daima and Syokimau stations. Talk about the best way to avoid the Mombasa Road jam, trust me it’s a classic, the traffic jam I mean.

Hoot hoot!!!! Gosh its loud 🙄.I guess the idea of the hoot was to wake sleeping passengers. Anyway its my station 😉, I get off and happily focused I head home. I have missed my folks and well, we are having a wedding next weekend, could not get better motivation 🤣. My holiday officially begins yaay. I ring the doorbell and as always my niece acts like the house guard always first at the door, she is so adorable. It pays off that she is the one opening the door, super cute face looking up and she shouts “aunty thambi”. This is embarrassing but is she more knowledgeable in the British language, haha, than I. I say hi to everyone and the wedding fever in this house hits me, can someone cool this fever!! My sister and her family are landing in the next few hours, am too excited. By 11:00 pm the house is full and there is a notable chorus from the kids. Just one word, adorable, a chrome cast of the Pepa Pig Cartoon keeps them locked to the screen.

After the meals, we get to catching up. It’s been months since we were all under one roof, we get singing, my brother in law being the ‘one man guitar’ and my elder sister ‘choir master’ and the little ones as the ‘next generation band’. Surprisingly, they are following closely but of course wouldn’t understand lol. We are singing along vernacular music and the really funny ones, a personal favorite artist is Kamanu (A Meru Musician) especially this two songs “Kathambi” and “Susana”. I really treasure this family moments, The Band lol. The joy contained in that house is boundless. Time to retire to our beds, goodnight wishes swim around the house and just like that, pin drop silence. “Tomorrow should be busy” I tell myself, the wedding bells are getting louder haha.

I get to the tailor and to my shock my dress and my oldest niece’s are not ready. How come I didn’t swallow this guy alive? I mean, he claimed the dresses were ready and all was left was to fit them and make, if any, the necessary adjustments. Anyway, he promises to have it ready on Tuesday morning. Mmh okay. I get down to shopping for other things that I need with the assurance that come tomorrow morning my dress will be ready.

Tuesday, am in his stall and the dress is not ready, worse he has company. Another bridal team, groomsmen, waiting for their suits which are way late. The situation in that small stall is just sad. To cut this sad moment short I had to wait the whole day to have the dress. At least, I did my nails so as not to waste the whole day. Tailors can really mess you up, I think for my wedding I will have to push the tailor from day one to avoid the last minute stress haha. In my head am thinking “twas supposed to be perfect.” But oh well

Am yet to go the salon to have my hair and eyebrows done, my sisters are perfectly ready and am the only one left out. The next day we are, driving to Meru for the wedding, so I have to go the salon early in the morning as the rest of the family prepares. I get my hair done, quite late though but done, that’s what mattered haha. The long drive awaits, next destination Meru. We arrive safe and settle in the rooms. The air is fresh and the sky perfectly clear, can see partly the Milky Way, sounds like a perfect night for a romantic getaway. Focus! Murega! Focus hunny

It’s the wedding day eve and we get to rehearsals, the venue looks perfect, it’s going to be a wonderful day. I was super exited you would think am the one getting married, keeping calm became rocket science in a flash haha. This makes me wonder how about on my wedding day!!! The wedding day is here, we get up early shower and the makeup sets on course. The dresses looked perfect, I think because of the tailor stress I didn’t get time to stop and admire the dress till the wedding day. The celebrations and ululations outside the compound was out of this world, a ceremonial gesture is done outside the house and we get into the specific cars and the car trail snails to the wedding venue.

Twas all glamour, dance, happiness, smiles, vows and pictures for memories. The perfect day, had not danced that much in a long while, felt more like the energy was too sufficient , you would confuse it for sugar rush haha. Can’t wait to see the wedding video when I get home…..


Just like that the wedding is over, my brother and the newest sister in the family are off for their honeymoon… we head back to Nairobi calculating on how to unpack and repack for the holidays. Coast Province here we come, we could use some sunshine. Had been relatively cold in bara_ the coast name for the land far from the sea_ basically the rest of the country


Yaay to being all lazy, the pool, sun, beach,the ocean and not leaving out ,of course, the beach boys and hawkers who strive a little too much to get to buy something or rather everything. Haha are  more like a walking mall, cause they are selling everything (shells, ride on the boat , ride on the camel, snorkeling services, artifacts, sea food, swimming lessons you name it ) hahaha.




Diani is really beautiful, I hope it is in your bucket list either crossed out or yet to be. The sound of the wave as it comes and goes is refreshing, the feel of wet sad on your feet is just plain soothing. The view of the sea bed is priceless, decorated by the all types of corals and the numerous types of fishes of different sizes, shapes and color. The ten days seemed to fly and the holiday was over, we need to get back to the capital, and everyone to get to their daily routine and I head back to the university.


Short holiday well spent…


Thank you guys for reading, comments on the post and thoughts

on your holiday experiences would be appreciated.

Regards Murega.

Lots of love.


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