Wednesday 10th August what a day!!! If I had a tip that today would be all this glowing I would have slept earlier yesterday night.

You know those days that seem you woke up on your right side of bed?

Days that seem you clearly stepped off bed calculatedly on your right leg?

Days that you seem to be on top of the world 🗺, yet you still in contact with the ground? Damn gravity 😩

Days that you didn’t even try to look good but still you feeling like a million dollars?

Days that you got no make up on and you feeling like a model on Victoria Secret Runway?

Fortunately, am having such a day. From when I woke up this morning was feeling all that above. For the last few days I was not 100% but today…

The intensity of being myself is close to 200%.

The feeling of self love and self appreciation is just overwhelming. I just feel wonderful omg too wonderful. Nothing or no one could do or say anything that could change my mood.

Every girl , maybe men too, have such days. You will see it from how she walks, smiles, talks and literally does everything. Walking like the Sun 🌣 suddenly changed course and started to revolve around her not the earth anymore. Talking like Mitchell Obama, (I love her speeches). You might mistake her for Queen Elizabeth haha.

Its wonderful to glow in this day, like a bulb light in a  marble room it illuminates every inch of the room.

thanks for stopping by my little world on the internet, am having exams gotta get back to my books.







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