Fade Away Not.


More often than not I believe you have a smile on, you are happy. Being a smiley girl have come to notice its really easy for someone or something to fade off the smile.

Yesterday I had a good fulfilling day, been smiling and laughing all day long. However, later in the night I got a disturbing call in between a meeting. Twas not super important but it really weighed me down! Twas stupid actually haha. I get back to the meeting right afterwards though. Guys were ministering in various forms and as expected it was all manner of fun.

The call I had received, bugged me alot. It had diluted my happy self. Being in a happy company I found myself struggling between keeping my smile on and it fading off. The invisible war in me was really intense. Blowing off my mind with questions and scenarios haha.

Took a little longer yesterday to get my glow back (I usually have it like immediately). But the good thing is that I won the battle against the frown. Am the kind that forgets the intensity of what made me sad when I overpower it and be happy. At times I love that about myself other times well, not so much. ( can be subject to misuse)


Anyway, you always have the power in you to either be happy or sad. And for how long you retain an emotion. Do not give too much power to what surrounds you!!!! Friends, people, situations you name it. You can dictate your day to day to your positive liking.  Learning on how to prevent situations or emotions from weighing you down, the higher you going to fly✈ .

Sadness is like a block tied to your waist as you swim, it keeps drowning you… The earliest you let it go, the better chances for survival you got.

Thanks for reading, be happy, smile more. Maintain the smile always. Have a smiley sunday guys.

lots of love 💝 💝 💝 💝



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Luciana says:

    Ooooh yes
    Keep smiling and get dimples😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Murega says:

    Haha I wish getting dimples was that easy, I would be having potholes for a face haha. Thou I really crash on dimples 😜


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