You are born, you live, and then you die. That’s the harsh reality of life. It’s also the pleasant joy of it. A paradox they call it. But it’s the unpredictability of it that concerns me. One minute you are happy and floating in abundance of joy, the next you are grey with sadness and drowning in sorrow. One minute you are stinking rich, the next you are a striking reality of the existence of poverty. Today you are young, energetic and full of youth and vibrancy and beauty and life, tomorrow you are old, ugly and wrinkled and tired and out of life. And yet again, one second you are breathing, the next you a lifeless body, a corpse, a delicacy for the eagerly awaiting maggots of the dark underworld.
Who engineered this? And where is the functionality of time, does it even exist? Or is it just a mere illusion to give meaning to life and help our minds cope with the ambiguity?
I lie to rest in one of public parks in town, it’s been a long exhausting day, one which I would like to forget, buts it’s impossible under this current circumstance I’m afraid. Not that I don’t want to, i just can’t. My stomach suddenly groans reminding me of its right, I having been cheating it all day, drinking water at intervals just to buy time, but it’s obvious it has had enough. It’s either now or it’s going to cause such a commotion that only those that have been in this situation are able to comprehend and understand.
I see people leaving their work stations from a distance and I’m painfully reminded of the twenty five kilometers long trek I have to take back home, for obvious reasons of course. My phone beeps, and I hurriedly check it up, hoping that it’s an m-pesa message from one of my debtors; I would really do with one right now.
” Good Lord! Have mercy on your child!”
It’s a message from my landlord reminding me of my rental dues, and that I shouldn’t bother coming back home until I have gotten the rent. In that moment of frustration, my phone slips from my hands and drops crushing the screen instantly.
The only asset I had left is gone. The only collateral of value that I would have used to buy me time with the landlord is swallowed by the monster of time. One second, that’s all it took to witness my forty thousand shillings going down the drain.
Just this morning, I was eight hundred thousand rich, twelve hours later, the script has turned, I’m hungry, with no money, no means of communication, let alone means of transport, yes I still have my legs, but in my current situation they wouldn’t be of much help and of course no shelter too. Can it get any worse?
I know you are already wondering where the cash went to, it’s a long story, one which I will not get into right now. But lemme give you just a glimpse, you know sportpesa right? The rest as they say is history. One moment you are rich and in another, poverty is your next of kin, staring you right in the face without shame or remorse
Tired, stressed, hungry and as poor as a church mouse my eyes gives in to deep sleep, the only Good Samaritan willing to help me right now. Hours or is it minutes into my newly found friend, I really don’t even know or maybe I simply can’t tell the difference, I’m on my feet and running, just like everyone else. It’s already dark, confirming that I have probably been sleeping for hours. The commotion is due to the city askaries, they are conducting a crackdown on street families, and they have been on the rise lately, though some say it’s because of the expectant visit by the US president.
A sharp stinging pain suddenly catches my attention. It’s my feet.  It’s seriously injured and bleeding profoundly. Ohhh lord!  Where are my shoes? My Good Samaritan came at a cost. Someone took advantage of my natural anesthesia and made away with them.
“Nairobi! The city under the sun, why are you so unforgiving?  Just some hours ago you were so generous…”
I can’t run anymore, and soon the city askaries catch up with me, there is no arguing, trust me.  One look at me in my state and there is no doubt about whether I’m a street urchin or not, bare feet, crispy  lip,  an obvious fatigue and  grass all over my body  is enough evidence they need.
And so I’m bundled up at the back of a double cabin car, full of the real street urchins and ragamuffins or maybe there is no way to tell the difference.
On our way I’m evidently uncomfortable, why did all this have to happen to me? The foul smell from this people isn’t making it easier either. I wonder where it all went wrong, but at the same time rippled with relief, finally we’ll have something to eat and a place to sleep. Call it blessings in disguise; God sure has a way of turning things around.
Clean and with a full tummy, I can now rest my body; I can’t help but wonder how moments ago I was in such a miserable state, ridden with downfall and misery, now I’m safe and comfortable. It’s unbelievable how things are unpredictable and unstable, the harsh reality of life they say, but at the same time the epitome of its beauty.
I close my eyes eventually and begin to recap the unfortunate events of that day.  I then remember my girlfriend my love my sweetheart. We’ve been in a long distance relationship and lately it has not been easy. Lots of fights and mistrust, the latest one being last night, and I had promised to call her today, in fact several hours ago, and so I quickly reach out for my pocket….
By jeff dindi


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  1. cyrus kithuva says:

    Thats life and its phenomenon, great piece Glow


  2. njerisusan says:

    Great piece. Life’s a total puzzle!

    Liked by 1 person

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