ME 101


Hey guys, missed this little space, my safe haven. My best place in the internet. My apologies, been a long while… The layers of dust in here! I can barely breathe😭. School can really get into you,how?  in school you find yourself more involved in almost more than you can handle. School for me is fun most of the times. Anyways, will create more time for my young one, (my blog).

Been meaning to write on really amazing things that I have experienced, issues that have opened my eyes and change my perceptive. Will do it in due cause so watch out for the post…

However, today am just doing a bit of dusting up this little space of mine. Am gonna do this by letting you in!

Number 1: Am a Last Born.

Being a last born comes with its ups and downs. At one moment you everyone’s favorite and the next everyone is on the steering wheel of your car taking you I dont know where. Its perfect in its moments. And anyways you can never choose your birth order but that does not limit my imagination of ‘What if I was our 1st born?’. Haha.

Mostly, I love being a last born, you have alot of people ahead to learn from.

Number 2: Am Petite.

hehe yea true, am petite. I took my mothers size. This results to everyone wanting to show their strength by lifting me up. And those awkward hugs and your feet are off the ground… C’mon guys

Am also quite petty most times than not! Little details seem too major in my eyes.

Number 3: Am shoe size 3

I can imagine lots of you share my shoe size. Is it not fun how easily we find shoes that fit! I really love it. I never stress on shoes cause there always seems to be plenty of my sizes. Lemmi stress on dresses instead.

Number 4: Am ever smiling(laughing)

Smiling is another trait I picked up from my mother… Glad I did. This always as a way to get me out hole that drains my very being. Smile and laughter serves as my life fertilizer, an outlet for my chest, remedy to my heart and soul.

Am the kind that will love at nothing and everything.

Number 5. Am a Sagittarius.

Yes yes, am a December baby. When I was younger I always had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday at home not at school like most of my peers. Having been in boarding schools both in Primary and High school, birthdays were spent being wished “a happy birthday” in between classes and later in the evening after classes you would be totally soaked in cold water and everyone pinching you as many times as your age.

Am glad I never was on the receiving end of this haha.


today you get to know 5 facts about me, more will be shared on the me series in future.

thank you guys for reading my dusting up post, likes comments are always a pleasure. Missed alitle less now.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. emwiti38 says:

    used to escape the pinches and cold water too, but now I am always cold and numb from the cold water and pinches…. et petite est le nouveau sexy mademoiselle…


  2. Samike Ndisya says:

    now that i know your birth day is on Dec, do not ask how i will land to your place


    1. Murega says:

      Hehe kuja kulipiza lol


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