InstagramCapture_802f2980-de99-4e83-95cb-08e33a04f6f5Saturdays are just generally lazy days; I toss in bed like a thousand times trying to make out a plan for the day. I make a list in my head of the “To Do List” of this particular Saturday, laundry not being part of the list the day is less occupied. I decide on getting some groceries for the next week, and house cleaning then later embark on writing one of the many posts have just kept on hold (still are on hold though). I have my day all played out in my mind, but, a friend texts me to ask about my day plans. I tell him of my plans and as a kind gesture, ask of his. I must say he had a cooler plan for a Saturday afternoon. He invites me along and I gladly accept, ….talk about procrastination in reference to my blog posts haha. I finish up on grocery shopping and prepare to head out for The Walk, mind you I had no idea where we were going for a walk but was confident on a great adventure. He adamantly insisted on not telling me where we were going but promised a really cool view, he is really into photography so I was convinced of a perfect view.
In my head I was looking forward to being taken superb pictures for my Instagram account haha and maybe just maybe Facebook. We are heading to this sort of forest and I back out of the walk, it didn’t look too safe right ahead. I ask if he has been where he is claiming to be taking me and he hesitates on the answer and I evidently insist to change directions. He can’t hurt a fly, I know that too well and he sure does know it too but he jokes on how he has a loud voice that he will be able to call for help. Crazy right. Anyway we did change directions, and later return on very first direction we were heading. Sadly, when we get there it is not the place he thought it was. Disappointed, I know.
I lead on a different direction and we actually head up on the actual spot he had in mind, I must confess it was super cool. The view of the river valley and far off ridges was just perfect. Photo time!!!!!! From the rock where we sat, you would feel the peace in the surrounding, just priceless. The sound of water as it falls off the ridge, the cold breeze up the valley and sounds of unknown creatures *at least unknown to me. Being on the higher ground the view was just perfect and extensive. I spot a couple of people taking pictures on something that looked sort of a bridge across the river. “Let’s go there”. We set off to a destination that we actually can see from where we sat.
We get close to the river and really walk in circles because it marshy and swampy, ooh yea and cows are also grazing. Apparently, cows scare him lol. After our efforts to get to the bridge like spot, we realize we can’t get there unless we actually swim since at the moment it seemed to be on the other side of the river. Well swimming in that river was not an option nor in the plans for the day, so we choose to walk further to the actual bridge and cross over to the other side and get to our ultimate target. Deep down I was happy that I would actually get there, looked cool to be there and of course take pictures. Few minutes later, am more than disappointed! We are just standing few meters from the ultimate direction and there is no way we can get to the spot.
It was not actually a bridge, just some cool concrete on the bank of the river, and sadly we were on the other bank. Disappointed again, we sit by the river and just listen to the sound of the waterfall. Twas refreshing. To get to the Ultimate Spot is a journey for another day, at least now we know we way to actually follow.
Our Ultimate Spot, is just like our dreams, we actually have an almost clear picture of where we wanna get. The way to get there may really not be clear, the path to take to get you to your ultimate job, career or venture in entrepreneurship. You could get pretty close but not there yet, that where you soldier on to find bridges and other paths to walk to your ultimate dream. The next walk to your ultimate spot does not guarantee you will get there, just like my next endeavor to get to the concrete on the river bank.
Maintaining a clear picture of where you wanna be, and never letting it fade off will keep the focus to continue with your walk to get there.  You are as a result of your dreams. Your dream drives you, they fuel your day to day actions and agendas. Don’t cloud your dreams, else you won’t see them clearly anymore. This will make you lose your locus and thus sense of direction.
Looking forward to achieving my dreams, short term and long term.


Just as a Bytheway try to concentrate on a single spot as the river flows. If you manage to maintain at your spot please get back to me lol.
Thank you for reading,follow, likes and comments are appreciated.
On The Walk….


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