2nd Sunday of May.


This always a special day every year. It a day we get to appreciate our Mothers, shower them with love and gifts.

Is it a delivery of flowers and chocolates?

Hand written card written “love you mama?

A get away weekend at Mara or the coast.

A massage and sauna for mama?

An African Maasai shuka, clothes, shoes?

A self-made dish?  Just anything to appreciate your dear Mother.

Well not to hate the special day but if you don’t actually have a mom to appreciate or at least wish a happy mother’s day to is not such a perfect day. For me it is a day of mixed feelings, sorrow that mom left too soon and nostalgia of the beautiful memories I have of her. I miss you mom, am not earning yet but we would celebrate this special day.

Am kinda glad that it’s usually on a Sunday. This way, I will go to church, have a connect group after and before I know it the day is almost over. I will have seen less of what will remind me of your absence! I get home at about 15:00hrs and check my Instagram and one of my ghost followers has uploaded a text picture written “Everybody is posting pics of MOM meanwhile I’m just RIP Mom” followed by sad emoji. Then it hits me, I hear you!

Mothers are just indisputable special. That perfect smile she gave you as she opens the doors for you from school, meals she put on the table that always left you wishing for more, the sacrifices she made so you would be comfy, her love, laughter and scolding out of love when you done wrong.

To all future mothers, motherhood I believe is sacred journey for you and your future kids. Am gonna be a mother someday, I pray and hope to pass my very best to my kids so that every second Sunday of May they will be all smiles. Of course am counting on very sweet gifts and you guys spoiling me! I will preserve this post for you so you get to read just that statement hahaha.

Regards from a future mom



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