Last Laughter.


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The topic Last Laughter takes me back to idioms and proverbs “He who laughs last laughs best “. In primary school we had to excessively use them in every composition to earn a good score… It was more like a bride lol, the more and frequently you use them in the paragraph the better the grade. Primary school was something else! especially since I was in a boarding school. That aside though, I wish to write about Africa, the Dark Continent, hehe the person who came up with this quotation must be very literal. (on a lighter note ).

He who laughs last laughs best is said to emphasize that the person who has control of a situation in the end is successful, even if other people had seemed originally to have an advantage. Can you just pause and think about the first people to discover Africa, picture the expression on their faces? How they told stories of their fascinating encounters? What they said about it?  Hey! Hey! snap back here…Africa has her success stories and they spring from the choices our forefathers took on taking control of her from the Colonial Powers. They were brave and we honor them for their selflessness. The success stories are refreshing and more beautiful is that they continue to be recorded.

In my perspective there is just a lot going on for Africa. Success is better after endured ridicule, well am not bragging on how successful her countries are no no, but appreciating the strides made towards achieving the success. As a child of this great continent I love the progress, reading through history and listening to my old folks clearly strides have been made. Are we there yet? Hell no (forgive my french) corruption, inadequate technology, finances, infrastructure are still ailing our Economies. But today, we aint dwelling on the dark patches but rather the bright side, I mean our beautiful skins is just enough dark lets not exaggerate.

Untapped potential, undiscovered resources, untapped capacity…etc sums up Africa. Tapping into her potential, discovering her resources and tapping into her great capacity is just it. As an economics daughter of this great continent I believe this our way out of poor economies and low standards of living. We are getting there bit by bit. Africa being most populous continent and 2nd largest continent of the 7 continents gives her the 2 out of 3 major factors of production, i.e Labor and Land. Capital is what is in lack. Thanks to loans and grants from Developed Nations not forgetting her countries national contribution the continent will grow her economy.

Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, are the top 10 economies in Africa as the 2015 International Monetary Fund statistics. Every of the 54 countries is making amazing strides towards bettering their nation economy. As I listen, read stories of these countries, my face gradually grows from a frown to a satisfactory smile full of hope for a better laugh soon.

It not a poof to better day like black magic but rather a long journey there. “A people without the knowledge of their past history and origin is like a tree without it roots.” This African wise saying raps up my thoughts.

Kwame Nkrumah said ” I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”.  Saw this written on a bus still pondering on what this great Hero was meaning. How about I leave it to you too…


daughter of Africa.





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  1. Brian says:

    utility thoughts. Africa needs more hopeful daughters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Murega says:

      thanks and sons like you professor


  2. yumbya ben says:

    spoken like a true daughter of the land.

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