Do you ever get tired of being at the same spot forever? Haha well till it feels like forever at least, Psh no one lives forever obviously. You been where you were since birth, in the same village, around the same people, same friends {well friendship is something else some are just for keeps from childhood but then does hurt to spice it up, expand your friends list}. Does it not bother you???

Personally, new is like a magnet to me, am always attracted to it. Am ever curious, curiosity killed the cat? Well that just applies to the English men {man and woman} or so I console myself. I perceive new experiences as eye openers changing you from inside out, changing your line of thought on various issues. Change being the only constant thing in life is something admirable and unique. New environs, culture, cuisines, way of doing things and ALL NEW holds a huge slice of my heart.

Choosing to study my undergraduate in Eldoret was merely a choice on how far it is from Meru, {my home town} a bit stupid but well you cannot avoid your inner desires. How about killed two birds with same stone glow? There is immense pleasure in building yourself as an all rounded persona. Eldoret has become a second home for me, it is an amazing place to say the least. Three years ago all I knew about Eldoret was it is an Agricultural Town and Land of Champions {always flying our Kenya flag high in World Olympics #proud}. Basically in my mind I pictured every day of my 4yr course at the University I would be amidst people training every single day. Shock on me, it is not so but the region respects the runners. 3yrs down the line I view Eldoret very differently and solely appreciate the region.

Fly, ride, walk, drive around be well knowledgeable of the unknown. New is amazing, awesome and so beautiful. Different is scary but in the midst of it lies an awesomeness that surpasses your current understanding of things. You do not have to love or like everything new, hell been on a date I just took a glass of water…… haha story for another time.

Build memories of new environment, nature aspects, take pictures and build a life made up of more than your roots. Experience new and different cultures, they will be stories you tell to your kids or grandkids when lot older. Know the other tribes that way we don’t build up stories that are out of line and not true. Appreciate new and different beauty of a people, a nation, a village or a tribe.

I always love to quench my lust, yes, lust to wander, am an inborn wanderlust ever far-sick. There is only one way to heal my sickness, just wander around and do it all over again. Being young is a gift, of course yea, less responsibility and more time to explore. Being part of the wildlife club in my institution has teamed me up with people of a feather. Going out there to places you never even thought about. Budget does not need to be extravagant just the right company or alone anyway. Mother nature as the power to make you breathless, power to make you fall in love with it and make you just go nuts. Capture the moments, build memories and open up your mind to more.wp_ss_20160329_0014 (2)

YAY TO NEW. Try it, it is so much pleasurable that fitting a new dress or shoe.



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  1. Murega says:

    thank you, this reminds me of my last year in school agenda to come to Kisumu. lol been on the way since 1st year


    1. allanpowerjr says:

      Hebu come I give you a tour of this hot lakeside city of ours. And meet my mom haha


      1. Murega says:

        HAHA aww, meet your mom lol. cant wait then

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aprosina Wanjiku says:

    amazing blog…keep on gal

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Murega says:

      Thank you sis


  3. yumbya ben says:

    live, love and learn. i like it

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Murega says:

    thank you, i appreciate your comment


  5. Raj's Blog says:

    Nice article. Reminds me of when I left home for college.

    Liked by 1 person

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