It has been a hot Sunday afternoon, so we sit under the tree and go on and on how our week has been. Hours later, a friend asks “If you get a job how do you know its a job that God had in mind for you?”. At this moment it is when it hits me, a million times I wonder am I still on the Jer 29:11 path?

The truth about a path is ; it starts at one point and the destination is not known, every step you take in the right direction takes you closer to the destination and a wrong turn just keeps you further or totally lost all together. Bitter truth ugh!

To ascertain you are on the Jer 29:11 path, is where the inner man comes in. It really not a complicated idea, its just that small voice inside you that challenges your every decision. I bet even before reading this blog post you asked yourself “Do i read this or not?”. I hope the inner man convinced you to read it lol.

Sadly, I learnt to obey the inner man the hard way, was stubborn anyway cause it was not a one time experience but multiple. For instance, few years back I made plans to do some side hustle to get cash, so I talk to a friend and he rather assures me of the job for a week. As the day drew near I became very undecided, do I go or not? So I just sit in my cubicle in the school hostel and start to weigh my options. The money of course won, so I decide to go to Nakuru for the job. Mind you all this while am not comfortable, I just have a voice telling me DO NOT GO! Well as I said, stubborn! stubborn! stubborn!. I get into the matatu and set off for Nakuru. I get there, pick up my bagpack two steps from the matatu I reach out to my pocket for my phone and ooops its gone. Stranded and confused, just could not think straight. To make it worse it starts to rain haha, (now I can laugh about it) that day I could not hold my tears in. I imagine Gods face, as He looks down and wonder “If you could only listen?”. There was no way to contact the guy, so I get back in matatu and head back to Eldoret just counting losses.

Only God knows why that job was not cut out for me, my persistent stubbornness had God use other measures to stop me. Do not wait to learn the hard way like I did, BUT rather learn to obey your inner man. If you are comfortable with doing something, a new thing in your life, job, business then its on Jer 29:11 path. Why do I say this? The inner man would not let you be comfortable if you are on the wrong path.




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  1. kemei says:

    true true. its only God who knows the end from the beginning. the good thing is that he reveals his plans for us when we have his spirit.
    the key thing is to obey when he speaks to us

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