23rd March 2016.

Grace is the unlimited immeasurable, unconditioned favor from God. You aint gonna do     nothing to get this unremitting favor from God since we are not living under law as the generations before Christ but under Grace lucky ugh. After his death on the cross we are purely conditioned by unbounded Grace and Love.

       Righteousness is never about your principles but by Grace. Christ through the Holy-spirit helps us be righteous. The task is will you let Him guide your paths and ways?

             Amend your thoughts God is not mad @ you, but mad about you. He is super interested in your life and all that pertains you. Give in to the love, love Him back its costs you nothing.

                    Cost! It cost God a dime, His only son to die for humankind to rebuild the relationship between me and Christ. Most often than not I wonder, if Christs blood was to be valued how would it be measured? By tonnes of Gold? Diamonds? Money?  God is the mathematician that our heads are never gonna match not even fathom. What do I mean you ask? He calculated the debt owed, the cost therein of the sins of not only the existing generation (when Christ was man) but also of today and future till his coming.

                          Evidence of unbound favor, grace and love can best be revealed at the cross. There is also the story of the prodigal son ( Luke 15:11-32 )and the adulterous woman ( John 1-11 ) -am speechless. I put myself in the shoes of the father and Jesus Christ in the latter and these stories just turned to the worst nightmares ever experienced!

May God grant me the heart to show Grace to others as I have been showed and given by God without nothing in return. Ephesians 2:8-9


please check out the song by Israel and New Breed-Covered.


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