A Near Future.


What will tomorrow be? Where will I live? What next? How will it play out? Surprisingly, am now thinking about it on a very serious note. Am already old, way too old haha. According to me what actually determines the answers to the above is your GOALS, DREAMS and  PURSUITS. Aha at the moment, that all I got in my rucksack anyway.

Well, now (2:38pm 3/17/2016) I got nothing much going for me,  am yet to complete my Undergraduate. I really cannot wait for December 2016, its stupid because I  have to wait for few more months for graduation and certificates aha. At that point though, I have to move out, find my own space, begin to pay my own bills damn. I really want to get to see my resources management skills (did I mention am pursuing economics?), how am going to deal with  pressure on me without guardian cover blanket, ooh my oh my cooking after a day of hustle no breather, bills bills and more bills with peanuts for salary or a comfortable salary ,either way bills are a sucker.

I must admit it is a bit scary, but am super charged to challenge myself. Aha its funny the countless times I have termed myself as INDEPENDENT *ironic*. Independent? Girl you for real? On your families resources? Well this is embarrassing, nevertheless,shame on me every time I claimed this. Am yet to discover the full force of independence, drink from its bittersweet fountain and reap harvest from it. Yeah yeah am optimist about the reap.



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  1. allanpowerjr says:

    I’ve been wondering of the same, what next after fourth year?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Murega says:

      yeah I can imagine


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